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Singer-songwriter, J. Michael Graham has been performing solo since 2015. He has released two critically acclaimed collections of original music and is currently working on his first full length album. Graham has played numerous shows throughout the New England region, as well as taken short jaunts through the Midwest, Tennessee and Quebec. His songs take the listener to places where time, location and feelings blur. The stories and vignettes presented in the lyrics feel familiar, but are juxtaposed against a musical backdrop to create something a little more complex. A 2022 Motif Music Award Nominee in the Best Americana Vocalist category, Graham has shared the stage with a wide range of artists including The Samples, Dresden Dolls, James Montgomery, Vance Gilbert, The Sheila Divine, The Sea The Sea, Catie Curtis, Mark Cutler and Ian O'Neil from Deer Tick. Check out J. Michael Graham's latest, "No Place to Go."
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